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During your employment, we want to make sure we provide everything you need for you to do your job properly. If for any reason you spend your personal money on Thoroughly Clean, we want to make sure you get reimbursed. Reimbursements will be covered when driving on your personal car to and from work sites*, purchasing equipment and materials for Thoroughly Clean and any requests that a supervisor may have. If a supervisor doesn't directly ask you to purchase something for the business, we ask that you get your supervisors approval before purchasing. Please keep any receipts related to purchases and upload them to the form or hand them to your supervisor.

*Driving reimbursements are covered when traveling from Thoroughly Cleans office site to work site, traveling in between work sites, and from work sites back to the office site. Travel from your home to the office site will not be reimbursed. In order to be reimbursed, the travel must start from the Throughly Clean office site unless otherwise agreed on. If the team meets at a work site rather than the office, reimbursements will only be covered if agreed to priorly. We ask that during your trip, you keep the TSheets app open in the background so that it can trace your trip. The milage rate is $0.535/mile.

To receive a reimbursement, please fill out the form below. If approved, the reimbursements will be added to your paycheck.

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