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New Hire Agreements

You are welcome to view the new hire agreements any time, here are the forms you filled out before starting your new job:

Disclosure Statement and Work Agreement

Rights of Workers

Below, you will find the Work health and safety policy and the Employment Agreement.

Work health and safety policy

Thoroughly Clean is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy workplace for all workers as well as clients, visitors and members of the public. Hazards and risks to health and safety will be eliminated or minimized, as far as is reasonably practicable.

The responsibility for managing health and safety ultimately rests with the person in control of the business or undertaking (PCBU), directors and management. Workers also have important responsibilities for health and safety in the workplace.

We are committed to complying with the Work Health and Safety Act 2011, the Work Health and Safety Regulation 2011, codes of practice and other safety guidance material.

Management will:

 Ensure the business complies with all legislation relating to health and safety

     Eliminate or minimize all workplace hazards and risks as far as is reasonably practicable

     Provide information, instruction and training to enable all workers to work safely

     Supervise workers to ensure work activities are performed safely

     Consult with and involve workers on matters relating to health, safety and well being

     Provide appropriate safety equipment and personal protective equipment

     Provide a suitable injury management and return to work program

Workers will:

     Take reasonable care for their own health and safety

     Follow safe work procedures, instructions and rules

     Participate in safety training

     Report health and safety hazards

     Report all injuries and incidents

     Use safety equipment and personal protective equipment as instructed

     Come to work prepared and ready to work

     Complete duties, without putting themselves or others in danger

     Avoid participating in unsafe acts or harassment

Our goal is to provide a safe and healthy work environment that is free from workplace injury and illness. This will only be achieved through the participation, cooperation and commitment of everyone in the workplace.

Employment Agreement

THIS AGREEMENT is between Thoroughly Clean and new hire above.

WHEREAS the Employer desires to obtain the benefit of the services of the Employee, and the Employee desires to render such services on the terms and conditions set forth.

IN CONSIDERATION of the promises and other good and valuable consideration (the sufficiency and receipt of which are hereby acknowledged) the parties agree as follows:

1. Employment

The Employee agrees that they will at all times faithfully, industriously, and to the best of his skill, ability, experience and talents, perform all of the duties required of his position. In carrying out these duties and responsibilities, the Employee shall comply with all Employer policies, procedures, rules and regulations, both written and oral, as are announced by the Employer from time to time. It is also understood and agreed to by the Employee that his assignment, duties and responsibilities and reporting arrangements may be changed by the Employer in its sole discretion without causing termination of this agreement.

2. Probation Period

It is understood and agreed that the first ninety days of employment shall constitute a probationary period during which period the Employer may, in its absolute discretion, terminate the Employee's employment, for any reason without notice or cause. All benefits will begin after the 90 day probation period.

3. Position

Employee is required to perform the duties and undertake the responsibilities in a professional manner. The employee will be trained in the position and other duties as may arise from time to time and as may be assigned to the employee.

4. Compensation

A. As full compensation for all services provided the employee shall be paid at the agreed rate. Such payments shall be subject to such normal statutory deductions by the Employer.

B. All reasonable expenses arising out of employment shall be reimbursed assuming it has been authorized prior to being incurred and with the provision of appropriate receipts.

C. The salary mentioned in paragraph (a) shall be reviewed at the end of the probation period and on an annual basis.

5. Paid Time Off

The Employee shall be entitled to .027 hours or PTO for every hour worked. This will begin accruing from the first hour worked, but will not be used until after the probation period. PTO can be used for sick days, vacations, and personal days. If an employee wants to take their PTO hours, they must request it as soon as they can, giving a two weeks notice if possible. The employee can email Human Resources at hr@thoroughly-clean.com with the request. On a sick day, an employee can email HR or contact their supervisor as soon as they can. Once an employee has run out of PTO, the employee can take unpaid hours off.

6. Performance Reviews

The Employee will be provided with a written performance appraisal at least once per year and said appraisal will be reviewed at which time all aspects of the assessment can be fully discussed. If necessary, the employer could give a performance review at any time or at an employees request. Not all performance reviews will be tied to a pay increase.

7. Termination

A.The Employee may at any time terminate this agreement and his employment . by giving recommended two weeks written notice to the Employer

B. The Employer may terminate this Agreement and the Employee’s employment at any time, without notice or payment in lieu of notice, for sufficient cause.

C. The Employer may terminate the employment of the Employee at any time without the requirement to show sufficient cause pursuant to (b) above, provided the Employer pays to the Employee an amount as required by the Employment Standards Act 2000 or other such legislation as may be in effect at the time of termination. This payment shall constitute the employees entire entitlement arising from said termination.

D. The employee agrees to return any property of Thoroughly Clean at the time of termination.

E. It is further acknowledged and agreed that following termination of the employee’s employment with Thoroughly Clean for any reason the employee shall not solicit business from current clients preceding the employee’s termination.

9. Laws

This agreement shall be governed by the laws of the State of Oregon.

10. Confidentiality

During the employment of Thoroughly Clean, the employee will learn techniques that is unique to Thoroughly Clean. The employee cannot disclose those techniques to other businesses or individuals.

11. Safety

Thoroughly Clean has provided a form outlining the safety policy. The employee will read through it and adhere to the safety policies (written and oral) of Thoroughly Clean. If the employee is found breaking the safety policy, whether injured or not, the employee is at risk for termination.

12. Non- Competition

Following termination of employment with Thoroughly Clean, the employee will not hire or attempt to hire any current employees of Thoroughly Clean.

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